Horse being hosed down with water on a hot day


How to Recognise & Deal With Heat Stress in Horses

The image of buying sunscreen for your horse at first might seem pretty surreal. Unfortunately, the same blazing heat that causes us to feel dizzy and our skin to peel also has its fair...

Dressage rider on their horse

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Top Dressage Tips for Beginners Competing in your First Show

You’ve put in the hard yards. The hours and hours of practice and training, the falls, the tears, the money spent on the horse show clothes. And now you’re taking the plunge and about to...

Horse wearing a fly mask

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What Does a Fly Mask Do & Do You Need One?

If you’re new to the world of equestrian and horse riding, then you may have heard people talking about fly masks, or seen them mentioned online, but do you know what they’re actually for?...

Woman Dressage Rider


What Are The Essential Women’s Clothes For Horse Shows?

When competing, it’s obviously your skills on the horse that’s key to getting a good result. However, your clothing and overall appearance is also incredibly important in upholding standards and putting in a professional...

Woman Riding Horse

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What’s The Difference Between Jodhpurs & Breeches?

For anyone with even a passing interest in horse riding, jodhpurs and breeches should be considered wardrobe essentials. Some may claim the two terms are interchangeable, but there are a few subtle differences that make...

White Horse Jumping

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10 Great Ways To Make The Leap Into 2017

Forget resolutions, they only get broken. Instead, we suggest setting Intentions. Softer and kinder than resolutions, intentions can’t get broken, they won’t make you feel guilty and in the long run, they will actually...

Barn In Winter

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Winter Conditioning For You And Your Horse – From Balance To Blankets

The Right Balance for You … While we can’t speak for everyone, one of the reasons we fell in love with the equestrian life is that feeling of bliss and calm that comes over...

Horse In Stable


Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide From Country & Stable

What’s on your wish list this year? Whether you are looking for a casual chic and understated country look, a high-end sporty vibe or a pretty in pink (and pretty warm) fashion statement, we’ve...

People Riding Horses

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Five Beautiful Fall Trail Rides In The USA

There is no better time than now to be out on the trails. The temperature is moderate, streams are full and leaves are turning incredible shades of red, orange and yellow. From Utah and...

USA Equestrian Team


The Horses Of USA’s Equestrian Competition Of Eventing

A Beautiful Mix of Style and Substance Thibaul Vallette aboard Qing du Briot. (Jamie Squire / Getty Images) At the Olympics in Rio, Thibaul Vallette riding Qing du Briot for France has taken the...