Horse hooves being cleaned and trimmed in a field


Top Tips For Looking After Your Horse’s Hooves

Your horse’s hooves are impressive things. With a relatively small surface area, their complex structure supports the weight of your horse, and often a rider, which is why they need special care. Luckily, there...

woman sat on horse


Should You Use A Gel Saddle Pad For Your Horse?

A good quality saddle pad is one of the most important pieces of tack to ensure your horse’s comfort. And with so many saddle pads available, it can often be tricky to choose which...

Horses wearing fly sheets and fly masks


What Are The Best Fly Sheets & Fly Masks?

While summer is a favourite time for riders for obvious reasons, it’s not always fun and games for our horses. While they don’t have to worry about the cold, the warm weather brings with...

Horse in a field suffering from allergies


Horse Allergies – Causes, Treatment & Advice

If you suffer from any allergies then you’ll know just how annoying, and sometimes very serious, they can be. Well you’re not the only one who can suffer from allergies – your horse can...

black and white photo of horse wearing a saddle pad

Horse, Riding

How To Choose The Right Saddle Pad For Your Horse

As a rider, you’ll know how much different equipment is needed for you and your horse – some of it we probably don’t even need but we buy it anyway! However, one thing that’s...

Two white horses


How To Introduce A New Horse To An Established Herd

Whether you’ve had horses for years or are still relatively new to the equine world, getting a new horse is incredibly exciting. However, it doesn’t come without its complications, and introducing a new horse...

Woof Wear brushing boots

Horse, Riding

Woof Wear – Your New Favorite Equestrian Brand

Here at Country & Stable, we’re huge fans of Woof Wear. Thanks to Louise Woof and her invention of the ‘woof boot’, the first neoprene horse boot, we’re now able to use boots that...

Horse wrecking its blanket


How To Deal With Pesky Blanket & Rug Wreckers

Why don’t our horses realise that everything we do is for their own good?! We pop a nice new turnout blanket or stable blanket on them nice and warm and they decide they know...

Horse with colic lying down


Colic In Horses – Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

Note: This article is for reference only. If you’re worried about equine colic, always seek guidance from a veterinarian. Colic in horses is a very different prospect compared to how it is for humans....

women riding horses wearing white breeches

Riding, Style

The Best Women’s Jodhpurs, Breeches & Riding Tights

When riding, there are some items of clothing that are absolutely essential, and a good pair of jodhpurs, breeches or riding tights should be front and center of your equestrian wardrobe. As your legs...