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Two horses in the stable at winter keeping warm
By Country and Stable

How To Keep Your Horse Warm Over Winter

It’s winter and there’s a magical scene of frost coating the stable roof; the paddocks have a fluffy layer of snow lying across them; perhaps sections of the pasture have frozen over entirely. When...
Horse wearing a blue stable blanket
By Country and Stable

Guide To Buying Stable Rugs For Your Horse

Protecting your horse from the elements is hugely important and whilst horses spend a lot of time outdoors, it is crucial that they are well insulated when relaxing in their stable. Here at Country...
Horse Outside In Yard
By Country and Stable

How to keep your yard and stable safe in winter

Winter can be a truly beautiful season providing hazy, pastel landscapes and an excuse to wrap up warm and sit around the fire. This is without mentioning the excitement of wintertime festivities including Thanksgiving...
Two Horses With Blankets
By Country and Stable

The complete turnout blanket buying guide

It is critical that your horse is well protected from any adverse weather conditions whether it be snowing, lashing with rain or blistering sunshine. In the case of the colder weather that fall/winter brings,...
Horse wearing tendon boots
By Country and Stable

Horse Boots & Bandages Buying Guide

Over the course of an average day of training, riding lessons, show jumping and competitive practice, your horse will encounter a huge amount of strain on their legs. It’s only natural that four legs,...
Horse Looking Out Of Trailer
By Country and Stable

How To Safely Transport Your Horse In A Trailer

There are many reasons why you’d need to transport your horse if you’re a seasoned horse owner – perhaps you are heading to a competition or a horse show. Or maybe you’re thinking of...
Brown horse in summer
By Country and Stable

Caring For Your Horse In The Summer Months

As temperatures soar and the level of humidity increases, the heat can really take its toll on horses in the summer months. In these kinds of conditions, it’s important to undertake the right measures...
Horse being hosed down with water on a hot day
By Country and Stable

How to Recognise & Deal With Heat Stress in Horses

The image of buying sunscreen for your horse at first might seem pretty surreal. Unfortunately, the same blazing heat that causes us to feel dizzy and our skin to peel also has its fair...
Dressage rider on their horse
By Country and Stable

Top Dressage Tips for Beginners Competing in your First Show

You’ve put in the hard yards. The hours and hours of practice and training, the falls, the tears, the money spent on the horse show clothes. And now you’re taking the plunge and about to...
Horse wearing a fly mask
By Country and Stable

What Does a Fly Mask Do & Do You Need One?

If you’re new to the world of equestrian and horse riding, then you may have heard people talking about fly masks, or seen them mentioned online, but do you know what they’re actually for?...